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Have you ever been extremely bothered by advertisements that interrupted your streaming time? I most certainly have complained out loud, hit the table beneath my computer, and even given up on my content due to the constant interruptions. A fellow blogger, Kausus, discusses the importance of these ads in his blog titled, “Your Aversion to Advertisements are Hurting the Industries you Love”. Something I really loved about his coverage on this topic is that he has a very personable tone throughout his writing, and he explained the need for these annoying disruptions from the point of view of an employee of the anime streaming industry at Crunchyroll. He was able to point out why advertisements stop users from acquiring a free subscription to streaming sites, the reason being that the advertising companies essentially pay for your free subscription. All of the money that is paid to the streaming sites go towards server hosting, licensing and waging costs, and should you chose that the advertisements are not worth the time, you can pay for those costs yourself.

Kausus understands that as a blogger he must introduce a little bit about himself in each post, and to do that, he explains his attitude toward advertisements and where that outlook comes from. Growing up, he was raised within a low income family, and moved from home to home, none of which were very lavish. He appreciated having television as his leisure tool, and did not get upset at the sight of commercials because he was grateful to continue having the privilege of affording television service. He seems to have a calmer, more humble, point of view than most users today. I have a friend who subscribes to Crunchyroll to watch an anime show called, One Piece. He claims that the advertisements tack on an estimated ten minutes to the originally twenty minute shows, and that he “does not have that kind of time”. However, Kauses professes that his contribution to the work done at Crunchyroll is appreciated and should not be ridiculed for the 6.95 price to not show advertisements. He also discusses the importance of avoiding the urge to pirate the streaming content. He says, why not sit through the commercials? They need them, and to not abide by that would cost them their business and the users their beloved content.

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