People Follow People


Have you ever exited a building in an emergency, whether it was a drill or an actual event? You’re standing outside in the middle of a crowd for what seems like forever, and suddenly one person says, “I don’t hear the alarms anymore, and the emergency vehicles have come and gone! I’m going in!”, and as that one person goes inside, everyone follows? People follow people. After reading articles like the one here, from Forbes, most people would love to be the leader, rather than a follower, in almost all interactions. However, most prospects won’t realize they are interested until you force them to listen, once they do that, they will understand what it is that you’re selling and how they can benefit from the product. Be the one person to lead the crowd. Be the person to speak up, and declare what Mrs. Jones is buying from you today. But Dymond, I can’t control whether people want to listen to me or not! Yes you can, and here is one way you can achieve it.

When I sold educational books door-to-door, I learned that the first sentences of my pitch really did not matter. The prospect is not actually listening to what I am saying when I first approach the door, they are just trying to figure out what it is that I want and who I am, which makes total sense. By the time I am trying to walk into their house to explain things further, they have already made up their mind (so they think..) on whether they will let me go further, or dismiss me. As I say, “I would love to show you a few materials! It will only take a few minutes”, Mrs. Jones will see me grabbing my bag and shuffling my feet on her doormat as she opens her door slightly, confused or not, she expects that I am making my way inside. People follow people.

What if Mrs. Jones says that she is busy? Ah, isn’t that what they all say? “You’re busy? Oh I am so sorry! That’s totally okay! It only takes a couple minutes. I can show you right out here!” During the last few words, you are already leading her out to her porch and popping a squat on her stoop. She will follow you, and next thing you know, you guys have been chatting for an hour. Guess Mrs. Jones wasn’t so busy after all!

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