Yes, I am aware that no one reads this blog

Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way”. – Michael Scott

I disappeared. Let’s talk about it.

After my nauseating pregnancy, I started to drink wine again. Even though I was still fulfilling my duties as a mother, I decided that I generally feel better when I am not drinking, so I stopped. As for my program, I’m being lazy and haven’t been working it, so I am not counting my days. I didn’t think it was fair. However many days it has been, I want to keep it up, so there will be more on that in the next posts.

I didn’t come back to my blog because I didn’t know how to. Not only was there guilt about not continuing my program and fear of judgement, but I’ve been doubting my abilities and holding myself back for a long time. I can only assume that I am not the only one who does this. I was considering my depression and my traumas as reasons why I couldn’t possibly become a successful woman. Now, I didn’t blatantly tell myself that every morning I woke up, but I told myself that through my actions. I’ve been doing the bare minimum at everything besides being a mom. How hard and passionately I mother Nova has shown me how relaxed and careless I am with other important things in my life, and it shows in many areas. I created social media accounts, but I never tried to get any followers. I worked on my resume, but I didn’t start my cover letter. I joined the school organization, but I never ran for office. I started the blog, but I never attracted an audience.

Everyone has something to offer the world. When we learn what that thing is, keeping it to ourselves is a disservice to us and our communities. We put in all this work to become professional adults and don’t give… dare I say it… personal branding *puke* the attention it needs. Reputation management expert and librarian at University of Virginia Kimberley Barker uses the party analogy. Not focusing on our personal brand is like putting the work and effort into throwing a party and then forgetting to tell people about it. Now, I’m aware of the arrogance that the term personal branding radiates, so let me explain. As cocky as it may sound, personal branding is necessary because there are going to be times when you are simply the best person for the job. We must do our part to serve others, and it is up to us to be the people we want to be. If we wait until we feel like we’re good enough for the job, we will never do it. Therefore, step forward with confidence even when you have to fake it.

My first step was creating this website. I wanted my own domain that is in my control. Do I know what type of content I will publish? Not at all. Do I have confidence that I am capable of developing great content? Of course. Do I plan to learn as I go? Most definitely.

My second step was taking the Myers-Briggs personality type test. One of the best ways to understand my personal brand is to learn why I do the things I do and learn what makes me tick. Now, apparently it is impossible to find a Myers-Briggs test for free online, so click here for a pretty amazing copy. After taking the assessment, you can find more detailed descriptions here. My results are extroverted – sensing – thinking – judging (ESTJ), The Guardian. I found that it reflected the type of person I wish I was more than what I have been practicing. All in all, my results are spot on, and I was left smiling as I read the great explanation of myself!

As I grow into my brand more and learn myself, I will blog about a variety of topics. I will get deep and dive into topics that I enjoy and am challenged by like motherhood, sobriety, public relations, adulting and starting fresh in general. I appreciate your patience as I undergo reconstruction. Stay. I promise, it’ll get good.

What were your results on the test? Do you think they’re accurate?