How Does Pluckers Make Me Say Yes?

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One of the best places to eat in Texas would include Pluckers Wing Bar. The creators, Mark Greenburg and Dave Paul thought of the idea as freshmen at UT Austin in 1991. They were craving wings after a night of bar hopping when they realized that there was not a place to eat chicken wings in Austin. Their Junior year of college they decided to take part in the Silver Spurs Chili Cookoff as the only Booth that did not serve chili. They knew they had a great idea when they sold out of 1000 pounds of chicken wings. After slaving away as business owners, Mark and Dave began advertising to get people talking about their wings. In 2012, USA Today named Pluckers as one of the top 10 wing restaurants in America and ESPN named them as one of the top 5 sports bars in North America.

Some of the ways that Pluckers advertises are very clever. They use people’s desire to be seen whether it’s on TV, a plaque, or even if it’s just on the restaurant wall. A few examples, as seen above, would include their point system. If someone owns a Pluckers card, they gain points based on the purchases made on that visit, and they can get a discount once they have reached a certain amount of points. There are plaques with names on it that list the people that gained 1000 points that year. They also use social media very well. They have hashtags for Pluckers, and the most popular, or uplifting tweets, Instagram posts, or Facebook posts are displayed on the TV screens located above the bar next to the sporting games.

The Pluckers franchise uses prizes, visibility, university logos, and more to draw a crowd towards a Texas restaurant. It has now become a place that we take out-of-towners to get a taste of Texas. The fact that they stay open advertise themselves, but the displays of popularity via social media and wall decor are definitely one of the main methods that they use to get customers to say yes. If I noticed a familiar name on a plaque, there is a high chance that I would eat there more often, not only because a friend of mine obviously likes it enough to rack up over 1000 points at the establishment, but also because if so many others will spent that much money on a single restaurant, then it must be good!

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