Commitment Before Confidence


I figured that I should revisit one of my previous blog posts titled, “Stop Caring So Much!”. It is very important to understand that although we should avoid being over the top toward our audience, we should be careful to avoid having a lack of commitment to our product. As a waitress, I find myself to be very loyal to the restaurant that I work at. I am dedicated to my fellow servers, the cooks, the bartenders, the hosts, the maintenance crew, and also, the FOOD! Tourists frequent the city that the eatery is located in, and I find myself in the position where I must know facts about the food for I am their only information source available to them!

In the food industry, being committed to your product could mean a number of things. Such things would include having accurate knowledge about the menu, having a selection of favorites from every section of the menu, understanding how the food is prepared as well as who prepares it, or even knowing information about the restaurant itself, if applicable. Of course, as mentioned in related posts, we want to be careful not to come off too eager, but customers love when our passion bleeds through just a little bit as we share some of the positive outcomes of purchasing our product. If we have a hard time coming up with ways to calm down, we must remember that product knowledge helps us build confidence in ourselves to allow us to relax while speaking to Mrs. Jones.

Knowing what we are selling does more than help us look good. We will also be more inclined to help guide our customers in the right direction as to knowing what product is more suitable for their tastes. Queensland made a list about how we can turn our product features into benefits. We must know features such as how our products work, their purpose, how they were made, its price, its lifespan, etc in order to implement their tip, which is the essentially highlight the benefits such as how the price makes it comfortably affordable, or how your company assures a 3 year warranty if anything is wrong with the product. Salespersons must achieve a level of commitment before successfully coming off as confident.

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