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My name is Dymond Sam, and I am a public relations major at Texas State University. Every job includes sales. Whether we are selling a product, ourselves, or a company, I believe that everyone can benefit from a blog that discusses the many things it takes to get a customer to say “yes”. I, personally, have been a prospect for commercials, billboards, and many different mediums of advertising, and I will be examining the ties between the media and myself in current situations. I will include my experiences in retail, door-to-door sales, leadership positions in organizations, waitressing, and everyday life to create blog topics in hopes that every reader can relate and learn from them.

My hopes for my website and my blog(s) are significantly high. I wish to inspire others by being consistently relatable, current, and knowledgeable about certain topics. I am, by no means, an expert on the subject of sales, but I consider myself to be extremely observant, and eager to learn. As I educate others, I intend to educate myself via online articles, books, specialists, and advertisements, from Adweek, for example. My blog is for anyone who is interested in getting what they want, sales, and forming relationships with really anyone… this blog is for any and everybody!

Persuasion is not the only thing I find interesting, in fact, finding a topic for this blog was not hard because I couldn’t think of anything, I was considering way too many ideas! I am excited to begin this blog, and I hope that over time I will be able to accumulate more blogs about different interests that I have such as dogs or music. As of social media platforms, I will be adding a twitter widget, I may add my tumblr as well, which does not hold much of a solid theme, but if anyone is interested in getting to know my interests, I reblog and write about personal situations, beliefs, and favorites often. To my readers, I look forward to providing a service to you, and I am excited to sharpen my writing skills as well as exercise my ability in scrutiny when it comes to people and advertisements.

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